The Flute Tutor

Meet Kay Endsley

I am a flute instructor teaching from locations in Lakeland, Fl. I am married to my husband of 28 years, have 4 children, 2 cats, and 2 dogs.

I am a native of Gainesville, Georgia where my flute career began in the 1970’s. At the age of 8 years old (3rd grade) I began taking private flute lessons from the local high school band director, Mercer E. Crook. I could hardly reach the keys at the end of the flute. This was before curved headjoints became popular for young players! My professional study of flute was at the University of Georgia School of Music under the instruction of Dr. Ronald Waln and The University of South Florida under Dr. Kimberly McCormick.

By the seventh grade I was auditioning for region band, All-State Band, and various scholarships for summer workshop opportunities, as well as playing in local community ensembles. My music allowed me to participate in All-State, Governor’s Honors, various flute camps, and to travel throughout the US and a few foreign countries.  A large part of my college education was funded through music scholarships and I also enjoyed the awesome privilege of being hired as the piccolo player for the Lanier Orchestra Symphony League.

During my Junior year in college I was involved in a car accident sustaining several serious injuries including a major laceration and nerve damage to my face. As a result of partial paralysis to my face my music career came to an abrupt halt and I was discouraged by doctors from the hope of resuming my flute playing.

After several years I began to practice again, just for the fun of it. I discovered that the more I practiced the stronger the muscles in the damaged area of may face became. After the car accident I never dreamed that I would be able to return to my love of playing the flute. Despite the original predictions from my doctors I have enjoyed many opportunities to play (on a professional level as well as long-term volunteer positions), and many teaching opportunities. In 2013 I returned to school to secure my master’s degree in Flute Performance. I thoroughly enjoy what I do!

As well as teaching flute I home school my 11 year-old son, and have already graduated 3 students from home education. Next year will be our 17th year of home schooling and I have found that the experience gained through home education, and subsequently teaching in various co-ops and home school programs, has strengthened my abilities to understand the different learning styles of the students to whom I teach flute.

Sometimes my students ask me things like what type of music I like to play and what I do for a hobby. If we are talking about flute classics my preference is for music from the Romantic Era. But what I like to play the most is “Real Time” or “Compose as You Play” music! I thoroughly enjoy any opportunity that I get to play with a good worship team (or other plugged-in group) and to get into a great groove with the music then take it off the written page.

When I am not home schooling, teaching or playing flute, I enjoy reading, playing around with paints and colored pencils, making jewelry, and being lazy at the pool.

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