The Flute Tutor

Hello Lakeland! It’s time for some masterclasses!

The Flute Tutor,

The Flute Tutor Studio is up and running in Lakeland, Fl!

Wow what a busy few years! A move half way across the country from Texas to Florida. Relocating from one city in Florida to lovely Lakeland. And obtaining my Master’s Degree from USF in Flute performance. Yes, it has been a busy four years!

Now it is time to get this show on the road and begin to bring together a community of outstanding flutists in the Central Florida area.

My studio is currently operating out of Lemon Street Music at 818 E. Lemon Street, Lakeland, Fl. And I have plenty of room for extra students this season.

Some of my students are taking a break for the summer. But others have plans to use their extra time to strengthen their skills on flute. Summer is the perfect time to work on those tedious exercises (like scales and tone production) that make it possible to perform well in auditions and such.

But it is so much more fun to work on these exercises as a group! So, I am offering some group sessions – Masterclasses – this summer for any interested flutists in our region. Participants DO NOT have to be students in my studio. The classes are geared toward Junior High and High School students, but if you are an older flutist returning to your instrument you are certainly welcome to join us.

Each 1 1/2-hour session will include

Scale mastery
How to prepare etudes

 and best of all

If you are a flutist in the area, young or old, and want to use the summer to brush up on your skills, please consider participating in these masterclasses! Drop me an email at and I will forward a registration form to you.

Blessings to you all.
And Happy Fluting!